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A Perfect Remedy for the Love Virus with Message in a Bottle ®

11 Jun

If you are infected with the love virus, you may feel lightheaded, confused, and at the same time, feel like you can achieve anything just by the power of your emotions.  Nobody is immune to this love virus, even if they think that they’ve found a way to be safe from it. Anyone with a beating heart can find themselves with strong emotions that overcome their rational mind. Fueled with those burning emotions, a person can be triggered to fearlessly show what is in their hearts. Very often, someone with the love virus may resort to sending unique romantic gifts or anything which justifies their feelings.

It has always been part of the human condition–to love and be loved. A person is destined to fall in love with someone. And that someone will be fated to fall in love, too, and hopefully it will be love in return. There are so many personalities in the world for one’s heart to be pulled to that contracting the love virus is sometimes sudden and unexpected, and can bring out a reaction of fear and uncertainty. Suddenly, so much is at stake. If a person in love has enough confidence to talk to the object of his affection, he could have the chance to let her know his love. But there are also many people who are clouded with fear over the risks of showing their feelings. That hesitation may lead to losing her to a rival. If you are that kind of person, what would you do? Would you just sit in a corner and become disheartened, or would you take a stand and fight for her? Whatever you think you would do, you should never give up on the idea of revealing your heart’s desire. You would surely regret it if you didn’t at least let her know. In this kind of situation, if you couldn’t find the courage, you could consider sending a personalized love letter in a bottle.

Instead of staying up all night thinking about what you could do to let her know how indescribably special she is, sending a romantic message in a bottle is a sure-fire way to stir the feelings in her heart. But first, you have to at least wake up from the dreamy state of wishing for cupid’s arrow to do its work. Decide to sweep your feelings out of the corners of your timid heart. Message in a Bottle ® is here to help by offering a variety of intricately designed gifts that are ideal for your love problem! They’ll provide you not only love messages in a bottle, but also items for other purposes as well, such as message in a bottle wedding invitations, valentines message in a bottle, and even birthday invitation in a bottle or baby shower invitations in a bottle. You can take your pick, whatever you need is, for they can provide the answer. Besides, whose heart wouldn’t melt when receiving creative gifts from the heart like messages in a bottle?

Though love may not always be reciprocated, no one can deny that the love virus is contagious. A specific person may not love you back as you hoped and dreamed, but there is certainly a person who loves you. You may need to look over your shoulder because you could have overlooked someone who’s been there all along. Don’t concern yourself with the idea of having no one to love at all, as we are all born with a wonderful birthright of love. Everyone is entitled to this privilege, and each of us has to take pleasure in it by showing it fearlessly. Visit the site of Message in a Bottle ® now, and you’ll discover a way to decipher the code for the love virus. Let your feelings be translated into a strong message that communicates the infection of passion in your heart. www.messageinabottle.com


Invitations Can Say More with Message in a Bottle

10 Jun


Do you get thrilled when someone gives you something unique and romantic? If so, you can imagine that others will feel the same way when they receive a gift like that. The relationships that you value, whether family, friends, or romantic partners, need effort to make sure they understand that they are valued. Expressing how much they matter to you can be done in many different ways. A simple touch to tell that you care, a shy smile to say how sorry you are, a tight hug to say you don’t want to lose him or her, a warm kiss to show how passionate you are, or a spontaneous “I love you.” But, if you want to do something special and spontaneous to communicate how much someone means to you, how about a personalized message like a message in a bottle?

Old-fashioned ways of expressing love such as writing love letters are one of the best means of preserving the love and passion in any relationship. When someone wants to tell how they feel towards someone, or how sorry they are for what they’ve done, or how proud they are of their loved one’s accomplishments, a note or a message will mean a lot!

Sending an invitation for a special occasion is just another way of expressing love and caring. It’s an announcement that you want a specific person to be present when you have a special moment in your life. For all the different kinds of life events, there is the opportunity to have a celebration and invite your loved ones and close friends.

  • Birthday Invitation. Whether a baby’s or an adult’s birthday invitation, this means you are celebrating life – the most precious gift we have received. This is also to tell friends and loved ones that we’re thankful for their support, company, and laughter throughout the past year.
  • Wedding Invitation. When a couple decides to get married, they are forging a new path together and making vows in front of family and friends to bear witness to their commitment. When they make their invitation, they are asking those who they love and respect to be there and be part of one of the most important decisions of their lives. It is like saying to the whole world that they have found the other half that will make them whole, and they want to have the blessings of God and the people whom they have shared their life with.
  • Anniversary Invitation. Wow! It makes everyone proud how a love and relationship has gone through a lot after many years, and still the commitment and love remain standing. Many may wonder about the recipe for weathering the trials of a relationship and how to remain connected in this fast-moving world. An anniversary party is actually a way of congratulating yourselves as a couple and helping other people to be inspired to take care of their relationships.
  • Other Event Invitations. Other invitations are tailored for whatever kind of event you can think up. Events like Fourth of July parties, summer swim parties, beach parties, high school reunions, or just a get-together that you want to be special can all benefit from a special invitation. Invite those you care about to celebrate, give thanks and cherish moments with you, in order to share your happiness and accomplishments.


Message in a Bottle is fond of showcasing different kinds of invitations specially made with glass bottles. They believe that personalized gifts are more enticing and heart-touching. With their vast collection of designs of different invitations, as well as gifts intended for different events, your recipients can have a one-of-a-kind experience of surprise and excitement brought by each design. You can choose from their beach wedding invitations, birthday invitations, anniversary invitations, and other special events invitations. Be done with those commonly exhibited plain paper invitation designs! Be creative and more expressive.

Visit their website now at www.MessageInABottle.com and make your special ones smile with the unique designs and personalized notes of Message in a Bottle.