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Message In A Bottle ® ― Where Every Moment Lasts a Lifetime

23 May

iStock_000013537593XSmall“We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness—and call it love—true love.”
― Robert Fulghum

Fate. This is a magic word that embodies every inexplicable event that happens in our lives. Sometimes, we tend to use this term just to express something that’s beyond our knowledge, or something beyond the rational possibilities that we are raised to believe. Something that’s magical.

Not very long ago, we were told in the fairy tales of our childhoods that the shoe fits Cinderella, Snow White was awoken by a kiss, and a frog was turned to a prince.

Fairy tales.

The stuff of dreams.

It all starts with “once upon a time,” and ends with “they lived happily ever after.” These fairy tale love stories taught us to believe that true love exists. That somewhere, somehow, someone is meant to come into our lives and change it in the most wonderful way imaginable. We believe that there is someone who will come into our lives and vow to stay with us through thick and thin.

There are those who’ve been lucky to have already found their special someone, there are those who are still seeking their soul mate, and there are those who have already given up their hopes and live a life of singlehood. But what if – just what if – you meet that special someone. How will you know that that person is the one?

You could have met that person while you were on the bus to work. It could have been your officemate who gave you the ‘look’ every moment you glanced in his direction. That person could have been the girl next door who never failed to greet you every morning just before you left the house. Or, he could’ve been your long-time best friend who tried to express his feelings through his dreadful jokes.

If you’ll think about it for just a moment, it is amazing how two people who may be different in every way can find each other and fall in love. It may sound impossible, but there are couples who were total opposites, and yet they are perfectly in sync with each other.

Some say that finding a perfect match requires luck. But most people believe that they were destined to come to their life to love and cherish for as long as they live. So when you have finally found that special someone and you’ve decided to solidify your union in the most memorable and special way possible, Message in a Bottle® is here to help you make the special moment last a lifetime.

Let our specially crafted Message In A Bottle ® Gifts and bottled invitations help create very special items and souvenirs that will vividly remind you of the special moment that you shared with your partner. Create your personalized do it yourself message in a bottle invitations that you can share with the people who will witness your wonderful relationship, and remind them of the glorious years that you will share with each other.

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Message In A Bottle ®: Bridge Toward One’s Heart

21 May


Finding someone whose hands perfectly fit with yours is a great feeling that fills the empty space in your heart.  It’s something that’s considered unexplainable, that moment you’re struck by a magical feeling.  No one is exempted from this vital emotion because no one will truly live without experiencing it just once.

“Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own,” according to author Robert Heinlein. Love is among the things that are source of life to one’s soul. Many definitions have been introduced to describe its meaning. Some say it is something that electrifies your heart with a new found energy when you are feeling drained. When someone gets infected with the love bug, he can turn into a poet, a singer, or even a superhero.

Why? It’s because when one is drunk with the feeling that makes the heart beat faster, they will most likely burst with pure emotion. Hidden talents and abilities are unleashed and utilized just in order to show their heart’s intent. Various activities like composing a song especially for her, becoming a romantic poet, or even promising things that are a impossible, like scooping a bag of stars. And it doesn’t end there, because through love, one gains superpowers. With the new found power, one can overcome anything that stands in his way because it becomes the source of strength, particularly in the purpose of protecting someone he loves.

That is how powerful love can be. Undeniably, it can transform someone into a new person full of vibrancy of life and happiness. But it is also a fact that five out of ten people have trouble in expressing themselves, or extending what they really feel inside their hearts, by speaking the words. For the rest, it can be natural to be tongue tied in certain critical situations like courtship or on a very special day for married couples.

For that reason, Message in a Bottle ® helps you with a solution that will sweep away your love problems. You will be able to express your heart’s wishes through their creative messages in a bottle. They offer a large variety of message in bottle invitations that will highlight your day of love, like the wedding invitation in a bottle,  beach wedding invitation, sailboat wedding invitations, birthday invitation in a bottle, and baby shower invitations in a bottle.  Whatever occasion it may be, or any purpose your heart has such as writing love letters, you can build a bridge in order to cross the sea of shyness with their messages in a bottle.  They will provide you the chance to write your heart out if you can utter it out loud. So don’t lose another second and check out their site to get more ideas. http://www.messageinabottle.com/invitations/


Make Your Wedding More Meaningful with Message In A Bottle ® Invitations

16 Apr

“Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.”
― Plato

Have you ever realized how amazing it is that a single moment of your existence can change your whole perspective on life? How that unfamiliar feeling begins to fill the air, and you realize that your life will never be the same?


You might think that moments like these only happen in the stereotypical love stories seen in movies or written about in romance novels. Boy meets girl, they fall madly in love with each other and live happily ever after… But moments like these also happen in real life. It may not be choreographed as perfectly, with time standing still and melodic music beginning to play in the background, but once you find yourself in such a magical moment, you will understand why there are people who would give everything just to make that moment last a lifetime.

That moment might be when you find yourself standing in the midst of the crowd, and you can see the man that you love waiting nervously for you at the altar with the most beautiful smile you have ever seen on his face.

The moment might be when you see the woman you are willing to pledge your life to walking slowly down the aisle toward you, with her eyes fixed on yours, seeing nothing but you and the future you will share together.

Wedding-day memories like these are what couples can reminisce about together after decades of wonderful marriage. These are moments that you can now hold in your hands, as you can keep a heartfelt reminder of how perfect that day was for both of you.

Are you looking for a special item that can be both elegant and memorable for you and your partner? Something that will not only remind you of that perfect day, but also remind the people who had witnessed your special union?

We at Message In A Bottle ® understand how much you want to capture every single detail of your wedding day and how much you want to keep each memory as vivid as when it happened on that special day. This is why we endeavor to give you the best materials and finished products that will capture your attention and touch your heart. Available are premium gifts that many have used as party favors or keepsakes for their wedding day. Many also choose to invite their friend and family in the most unique and elegant way with the unique Message In A Bottle Invitations and premium consulting service offered by the experts at Message In A Bottle, Inc.

Rolled paper

It has been said that everything fades in time. But when it comes to love, it becomes more colorful and wonderful with Message In A Bottle keepsake gifts for anniversaries and wedding invitations. Keep the love alive with the memories that you carry on in your heart.