Making the Love Lovelier with Message In A Bottle ®

15 Jun

“The measure of love is to love without measure.” It’s true, of course, because love given and received must be unconditional. True love isn’t measured by physical appearance or other shallow means. Also, love is not mind-based, something that can be explained logically. Blaise Pascal said, “The heart has its reasons of which reason knows not of.” We all know instinctively that it’s the heart that recognizes the love being shared between two people. However, having an unconditional love doesn’t mean one can sit back and not maintain the communication and affection in a relationship. Do you know that giving something unique and romantic keeps the love passionate and sweet? But how do you do it? Message In A Bottle ® has the answer!

love pic

Expressing Love through Something Unique and Romantic

What would be sweeter than to wake up one morning to see a heart-decorated gift bottle with a message inside? What would be more exciting than to know that it was given by a person who your heart desires every day? And what would be more heartwarming than to read the loving quotes and messages written on a piece of elegant paper? It’s not something that would happen every day, but when it did surprise you, wouldn’t it make you feel so special and loved?

Technology has greatly invaded the traditional romantic gestures of those who try to communicate their love. Cell phones and social media have modernized the way people express their love, yet it’s not very satisfying and reassuring. The essence of romance that love letters and notes held has gradually become outdated, especially to the youth. Talking with eye contact is now seldom seen outside of business transactions, and that’s why the sincerity of what is meant is not purely expressed or totally received. But despite the rampages of technology into our lives, a lot of people still prefer the special remembrances they receive from the people they love to take a bit of effort. Love letters,  carved hearts, printed T-shirts, couple’s rings or bracelets, personalized photo albums or frames, or a message in a bottle are just some of the examples that really tickle the heart in delight.

The feeling of love sometimes fades when a relationship goes into a monotonous everyday mode. An element of surprise must be considered for the partners to be always interested in each other. But of course, thinking of a unique romantic gift for your beloved is not always as easy as it seems. You may be busy with other priorities, and you may not have the time to personalize everything you are planning to give. Your special day, such as an anniversary or your loved one’s birthday, is coming and you want to make it more special and worth remembering. Why not try a gift that is personalized in order to complement your message perfectly? Something that can really capture the heart and soul of the one you love.

Message In A Bottle ® is offering a wide range of gift bottles for different occasions. They understand how important it is to give sincere and loving messages to the people who value love and relationships. They make glass bottle gifts ideal for Valentine’s Day, weddings, anniversaries, or any special occasion. They also have the tools to make invitations in a bottle for the perfect preview of your special event. Invitations range from destination birthday invitations to beach wedding invitations.

Thrilled and interested? Find out more about their creative and heart-catching message in a bottle invites and message in a bottle messages at

Express your love and make it even lovelier with small but romantic unique gifts!


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