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23 May

iStock_000013537593XSmall“We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness—and call it love—true love.”
― Robert Fulghum

Fate. This is a magic word that embodies every inexplicable event that happens in our lives. Sometimes, we tend to use this term just to express something that’s beyond our knowledge, or something beyond the rational possibilities that we are raised to believe. Something that’s magical.

Not very long ago, we were told in the fairy tales of our childhoods that the shoe fits Cinderella, Snow White was awoken by a kiss, and a frog was turned to a prince.

Fairy tales.

The stuff of dreams.

It all starts with “once upon a time,” and ends with “they lived happily ever after.” These fairy tale love stories taught us to believe that true love exists. That somewhere, somehow, someone is meant to come into our lives and change it in the most wonderful way imaginable. We believe that there is someone who will come into our lives and vow to stay with us through thick and thin.

There are those who’ve been lucky to have already found their special someone, there are those who are still seeking their soul mate, and there are those who have already given up their hopes and live a life of singlehood. But what if – just what if – you meet that special someone. How will you know that that person is the one?

You could have met that person while you were on the bus to work. It could have been your officemate who gave you the ‘look’ every moment you glanced in his direction. That person could have been the girl next door who never failed to greet you every morning just before you left the house. Or, he could’ve been your long-time best friend who tried to express his feelings through his dreadful jokes.

If you’ll think about it for just a moment, it is amazing how two people who may be different in every way can find each other and fall in love. It may sound impossible, but there are couples who were total opposites, and yet they are perfectly in sync with each other.

Some say that finding a perfect match requires luck. But most people believe that they were destined to come to their life to love and cherish for as long as they live. So when you have finally found that special someone and you’ve decided to solidify your union in the most memorable and special way possible, Message in a Bottle® is here to help you make the special moment last a lifetime.

Let our specially crafted Message In A Bottle ® Gifts and bottled invitations help create very special items and souvenirs that will vividly remind you of the special moment that you shared with your partner. Create your personalized do it yourself message in a bottle invitations that you can share with the people who will witness your wonderful relationship, and remind them of the glorious years that you will share with each other.

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