Message In A Bottle ®: Bridge Toward One’s Heart

21 May


Finding someone whose hands perfectly fit with yours is a great feeling that fills the empty space in your heart.  It’s something that’s considered unexplainable, that moment you’re struck by a magical feeling.  No one is exempted from this vital emotion because no one will truly live without experiencing it just once.

“Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own,” according to author Robert Heinlein. Love is among the things that are source of life to one’s soul. Many definitions have been introduced to describe its meaning. Some say it is something that electrifies your heart with a new found energy when you are feeling drained. When someone gets infected with the love bug, he can turn into a poet, a singer, or even a superhero.

Why? It’s because when one is drunk with the feeling that makes the heart beat faster, they will most likely burst with pure emotion. Hidden talents and abilities are unleashed and utilized just in order to show their heart’s intent. Various activities like composing a song especially for her, becoming a romantic poet, or even promising things that are a impossible, like scooping a bag of stars. And it doesn’t end there, because through love, one gains superpowers. With the new found power, one can overcome anything that stands in his way because it becomes the source of strength, particularly in the purpose of protecting someone he loves.

That is how powerful love can be. Undeniably, it can transform someone into a new person full of vibrancy of life and happiness. But it is also a fact that five out of ten people have trouble in expressing themselves, or extending what they really feel inside their hearts, by speaking the words. For the rest, it can be natural to be tongue tied in certain critical situations like courtship or on a very special day for married couples.

For that reason, Message in a Bottle ® helps you with a solution that will sweep away your love problems. You will be able to express your heart’s wishes through their creative messages in a bottle. They offer a large variety of message in bottle invitations that will highlight your day of love, like the wedding invitation in a bottle,  beach wedding invitation, sailboat wedding invitations, birthday invitation in a bottle, and baby shower invitations in a bottle.  Whatever occasion it may be, or any purpose your heart has such as writing love letters, you can build a bridge in order to cross the sea of shyness with their messages in a bottle.  They will provide you the chance to write your heart out if you can utter it out loud. So don’t lose another second and check out their site to get more ideas.



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